Horse Rug Cleaner


This great pack contains everything you need for the perfect
Do-It-Yourself home horse rug cleaning.

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Horse Rug Cleaner



Horse Rug Cleaner is a caustic-free alkaline powder which is safe to use on all most commonly used horse rug fabrics. Horse Rug Cleaner is as concentrated as it could possibly be and is 100% active. Horse Rug Cleaner contains premium grade wetting, penetrating and emulsifying ingredients for quick, thorough removal of soils from all surfaces.

Dissolve approx 2 teaspoons in 1 litre of clean water. Spread over horse rug and agitate surface with an appropriate soft bristle brush. Allow contact time of 3-5 minutes and rinse clean with clean water.

Depending on soil a second application or a slightly stronger dilution rate may be required.