Horse Rug Repair Kit


This great pack contains everything you need for the perfect
Do-It-Yourself home horse rug repair.

If you would like further information, please view our Horse Rug Repair System FAQ web page or send us a query via e-mail.

Horse Rug Repair Kit

RRP $60.00


No stitching required Horse Rug Repair Kit:
250g Compound & 1 metre Repair Fabric

Just a few of the benefits:
◊ Waterproof & UV Resistant
◊ Seamless repair
◊ Cleans up with water
◊ Easy to use
◊ Can be completed in as little as 15 mins
◊ Ready for use as soon as repair is dry

Lay horse rug to be repaired on a flat surface. Align torn section to original shape, removing any loose threads. Position Repair Fabric and cut to size allowing 30mm access and set aside. Brush compound onto fabric following the size of the repair fabric. Reposition Repair Fabric on to the Compound and smooth into place. Brush Compound over Repair Fabric. Make sure Repair Fabric is covered to at least 20mm beyond edges of Fabric. You need to apply enough Compound to fill the Fabric weave. Allow to dry.

Time and a little effort of application will determine the repair's overall appearance.